Collection: Foam Acoustic Panels

Acoustic foam is a material used to adjust the acoustics of vocal cubicles, recording studios, concert halls, call centers, narrative studios, offices, night clubs, cinemas, TV studios, industrial rooms, lecture halls and many other premises. This acoustic look of the material helps to eliminate problems with excess reverb tails that create noise in the room due to the countless amount of reflections from the walls, ceiling or anything else that is in your room. Buy acoustic foam can be of a diverse profile. The height of the desired profile and its shape directly proportional to the type and size of your room, and most importantly - from the goal that you need to achieve by applying acoustic correction. Learn more about the types of foam and what you should buy acoustic foam, you can read in the article section or take advantage of the free consultation service.

In our store of acoustic materials, you will find an impressive choice of panels of various shapes made of acoustic foam, necessary for your type of room. Acoustic foam also enjoys its popularity not only due to absorbing and diffusing characteristics, it also gives your room a special - studio design.