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Acoustic Foam «Wedge 140» 50cm X 50cm

Acoustic Foam «Wedge 140» 50cm X 50cm

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With the help of sound-absorbing panels «Wedge 140» from acoustic foam, You can enjoy a pleasant, transparent sound, not only in the professional studio room, but at home, - thanks to an unobtrusive, original design and excellent sound-absorbing property of acoustic foam.

Sound-absorbing panels «Wedge 140», due to the special microporous structure of the acoustic foam transform sound energy into thermal energy, absorbing it, and using a 3D surface partially scatter the reflected sound.Thus, the acoustic panel of the «Wedge 140» successfully fights with echo effect weakening the sound of medium and high frequencies and providing a quality and clean sound in the room.This product is perfect for treating your studio, recording suite, home theatre, and any other audio environment that could benefit from acoustic treatment.

The panel "Wedge 140" consists of 25 pcs. individual elements 10x10 cm (4"x4")inches, which can be assembled into one panel measuring 50x50cm (20"x20")in.

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