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Corner Bass Trap «Line»

Corner Bass Trap «Line»

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Bass Trap «Line» is a high-performance acoustic absorber installed in the corners of two vertically intersecting walls, or horizontally at the crossing of walls and ceilings, in order to create a pleasing auditory experience.

The product works by capturing the randomly dispersed low-frequency reverberations that accumulate in the corners, reducing smear and enhancing the bass's definition and punch. Acoustic experts emphasize the corners of a room as sound is directed there and creates a resonant low-frequency hum.

Traps strategically placed at these intersections can significantly reduce the decay time of reverberations and clean up low frequencies for a better sound. Even without other sound-absorbing surfaces, bass traps can greatly improve the room's acoustics in the low-end of the sound spectrum.




  • Recording Studios;
  • Home Theaters;
  • Music Rooms;
  • Office Environments;
  • Rehearsal Rooms;
  • Auditoriums;
  • Conference Rooms;
  • etc.

Intended use:

  • Absorbs Low, High and
    Mid-Range frequencies;
  • Slap echo;
  • other intrusive noises.


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