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4PCS - Mounting «Foamfix» Brackets

4PCS - Mounting «Foamfix» Brackets

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Item Specifics

  • Included:Fastening «Foamfix» - 1pcs. and Dowels - 2pcs.
  • Weight:0.02 kg / 0.44 lbs;

Product Description

The bracket is made of an easily bendable thin sheet of steel, which making installation easy. You only need to outline the future location of the panel. After you drill holes and screw the bracket. Or if the mounting surface cannot be drilled, the bracket could be glued on.

The undeniable advantages of installing acoustic foam on the bracket are easy dismantling, if at the moment there is no need to treat the room or if you decide to change the design of the studio. And the fact that minimal damage is caused to both the panel and the surface on which it is attached.

Infographic installation of the mounting 'Foamfix'.
Infographic installation of the mounting 'Foamfix'.


  • Recording Studios;
  • Home Theaters;
  • Music Rooms;
  • Office Environments;
  • Rehearsal Rooms;
  • Auditoriums;
  • Conference Rooms;
  • etc.

Intended use:

  • Acoustic foam;
  • Acoustic panels;
  • Bass traps;
  • Some sound diffusers.

Mounting options

Illustration of installing the 'FoamFix' fastener on a plane.
Illustration of installing the 'FoamFix' fastener on a plane.

Please note

  • The set consists of one metal fastener and two dowels with screws.


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