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Unique Design and Wood Appearance


min. order 6pcs



POLYFON-WS is a new acoustic panel with a wood appearance on its front side and a specialized sound-absorbing polyurethane foam on its back side. It can be used to improve the acoustic quality of a room by reducing reverberation and unwanted sound reflections, as well as standing waves.

POLYFON-WS contributes to the absorption of a wide range of frequencies due to a series of different-sized linear perforations on its front side. It can be easily mounted on the wall using suitable adhesive or by using a Velcro®-type system on its four corners.

You can also request our innovative system developed using neodymium magnets. This system allows for easy multiple adjustments and alignment of the panels with each other.

It can also be adapted to a standard false ceiling with T-profile aluminum profiles (dimension 60 x 60 cm center to center).

The basic visible external surface of POLYFON-WS is covered with wood imitation melamine MDF, providing superior aesthetic presentation. Other colors and wood imitations are available upon request.

Acoustic Characteristics The polyurethane foam on the back of the panel is semi-open-cell, charcoal-colored, and has self-extinguishing properties according to FMVSS 302.

Total Thickness: Dimensions: 33 & 53 mm 595 x 595 mm

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